Oct 12th, 2022

Platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram allow users to create their own handles. This makes it easier for users to search for creators on the platform, whereas YouTube still largely relies on full URLs, which might not be quite as easy to memorize, especially if the channel has a particularly long name.

The good news is that will be changing soon as YouTube has announced that they will finally be introducing support for handles. What this means is that YouTube will soon let creators create their own “@” handles along with a new URL so that users can quickly enter the address in their browser or search for them on YouTube. According to YouTube:

“Handles will appear on channel pages and Shorts, so they’ll be instantly and consistently recognizable. It’ll soon be simpler and faster to mention each other in comments, community posts, video descriptions and more. For example, creators can be shouted out in a mention in comments or tagged in the title of a recent collab, helping them increase visibility and reach with new audiences.”

We’re not sure why it took YouTube this long to introduce the feature, especially since it does feel like something of a no-brainer, but we suppose better late than never! The feature won’t be available to all users yet and according to the company, they will be letting creators know when they will be able to choose their own handles.

Source: YouTube

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