Samsung is making it easier for developers to create new health features for its smartwatches


Unlike smartphones, smartwatches are usually quite self-contained in the sense that manufacturers include the majority of the functionality into the watch from the get-go, meaning that it isn’t always necessary to supplement it with third-party apps. But this doesn’t mean that smartwatches can’t be enhanced with third-party support.

If you own a Samsung smartwatch, you might be interested to learn that during the Samsung Developer Conference 2022, the company has announced some additional tools for developers to make it easier for them to include new health features, services, and functionality for Samsung’s wearables.

This includes the Samsung Privileged Health SDK in which Samsung is working with “select industry leaders” to develop more personalized health services. For example, they will be working with Tobii, a company specializing in eye-tracking technology, to capture real-time heart rate data and combine it with the eye-tracking technology to better determine how drowsy a person is.

There will also be a new Health Services set of APIs that will allow developers to take advantage of the sensors and algorithms in Samsung’s smartwatches to create more accurate and advanced help offerings. It might be a while before we start seeing more third-party health services and features make its way onto Samsung’s wearables, but it’s good that Samsung is opening things up to enhance the capabilities of its smartwatches.

Source: Samsung

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