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Keep your Home Secure with AQARA’s Awesome Tech


In today’s world, there are simply times when we can’t be too complacent when it comes to safety and security, so it’s always nice to have a bit of extra help to make sure that you and your family are safe and secure.

With that said, we’re taking a look at some awesome tech from Aqara, and we have three items here with us – the Aqara Camera Hub G3, Door and Window Sensor, and the Aqara Motion Sensor P1. If you’re looking to improve or get started with your home security set-up, then we suggest joining us as we check out these offerings from Aqara. Let’s get started!

G3 Camera Hub & App

First off, we have the Aqara G3 Camera Hub. While it may not look like it at first glance, the G3 is actually a surveillance camera that comes with a nice set of features, as well as accessories that make it very easy to set up. In addition to the camera, you get a USB-C cable, a power adapter, and some instructions for the camera hub.

The G3 comes in a lightweight design, with a revolving mechanism that gives it 360-degree movement and allows for better surveillance when active. The built-in lens can capture up to 2K video resolution, and has support for night vision optics, meaning that it can still keep an eye on things in extremely dark situations and night time scenarios. The camera can also detect faces thanks to its facial recognition technology.

The camera hub is powered through a USB-C port, and it comes with a built-in loudspeaker for communication features, as well as alarm sounds. There’s also a micro-SD card slot for onboard video storage, which can be accessed via the front of the camera.

Since it serves as a hub, the camera can connect up to around 128 other Aqara security accessories, and make those connected devices support major ecosystems like HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home. It also supports 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi for seamless operation and connectivity with your smart devices. You’ll need the Aqara app on your smartphone in order to set up the camera, which is a very easy and straightforward process.

Once set up, you can use the app to configure the camera to sound an alarm and give you push notifications if it detects movement or unfamiliar faces in your home. You can use the app to speak through the camera remotely, control its field of vision, and program it to cycle through a series of set camera angles. It’s a very versatile piece of equipment, and the app is very useful in tweaking the various device and security settings included.

Motion Sensor P1

In addition to the Camera Hub, we also have the P1 motion sensor, a nifty little accessory that integrates with the hub for added home security. It’s fairly small and lightweight, making it easy to place anywhere within your home – we recommend placing it in places that you think will be most vulnerable to entry. It comes with a 5-year battery, so you don’t need to charge it or replace the battery from time to time.

Setting up the sensor was easy – you just have to remove the strip to turn on the batteries inside, and hold down the power switch for a few seconds to wake up the sensor. Afterward, it should show up on the Aqara smartphone app ready for pairing and usage.

Once added to your app, the P1 sensor will send information to your app whenever it senses movement in its field of detection. It can also pick up light, which means it’ll let you know if a light is turned on nearby. All of this can be viewed in the app, which will give you a list of timestamps when motion and light were detected.

You can set the app to send you a notification whenever the sensor picks up unwanted movement, and the camera can even sound a rather loud alarm sound in case this happens.

Door and Window Sensor

Similar to the P1 Sensor, the Aqara Door and Window Sensor set comes in a very small and discreet design, which consists of two halves that work in tandem. You’ll need to fix them up on a window frame or door frame to be able to use them properly, and once set in place they should be good to go – there’s a built-in battery inside that will last you a long time, so you won’t need to change or charge it regularly.

The Door and Window sensors work similarly to the P1 – once turned on, they can be added to the app, and will record all the times that your door or window was opened, which can be viewed in the app. They can also be configured to set an alarm and/or notification when triggered.


All in all, the Aqara G3 Camera Hub, as well as the door and motion sensors all, work together to ensure that you can keep a steady eye on your home, and make for one impressive home surveillance set-up. The seamless device integration, as well as software management via the app, means that they are easy to set up and manage anywhere you are.

Additionally, this whole setup is a lot more affordable compared to other competing home surveillance solutions as well, and folks looking to boost their home security setup should definitely check out what Aqara offers with these products.

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