Oct 11th, 2022

The OnePlus 9 is an Android flagship from last year but is still worth consideration in 2022. The phone comes with features like 120Hz AMOLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship processor, Hasselblad cameras, and 65W Warp Charge fast charging. It even has 15W wireless charging support but this is limited to units sold in North America and Europe.

It means if you bought or are considering buying the OnePlus 9 from India or China, your unit will not have support for wireless charging. The change will not affect many but if you are here reading this article, it means you care about having a phone with wireless charging compatibility.

How does it work?

You can get wireless charging on OnePlus 9 by spending a few bucks. These expenses will be on getting a wireless charging adaptor and a wireless charger. If you already have a functional wireless charger, you do not need to get another one. It is important to check the charging speed before buying a charger.

There are various wireless charging options in the market but we recommend Qi wireless charging adaptor and charger. Qi is an open and the most widely used standard for wireless charging which is supported by almost all the major smartphone makers.

Add wireless charging to OnePlus 9:

  1. Unpack the wireless charging adaptor that you picked for the phone.
  2. Plug the adaptor into the OnePlus 9 via its USB Type-C port.
  3. Wrap the charging coil around the phone’s back panel.
  4. Use the included adhesive to place it securely with your phone’s case.
  5. Place OnePlus 9 on the wireless charging pad and it should start getting charged.

Pick a wireless charger:

Here are some of the wireless charger options to help you get started:

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