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How to reset the AirPods Pro


From time to time, our devices will inexplicably stop working or start behaving weirdly. There are so many possible reasons as to why this might happen. It could be a hardware issue where faulty components or physical damage to the device could cause it to malfunction and stop working properly.

Then there are also software related reasons where maybe corrupted files could case a device to exhibit strange behavior. Either way, if you’re running into issues with your AirPods Pro where you’re losing connectivity, or if one side stops playing audio, or if there is no audio, resetting it could potentially solve the issue.

Alternatively, maybe you’re selling off your AirPods Pro or giving it away, so performing a full reset is always a good idea. Either way, if you need to know how to reset your AirPods Pro, we’ve listed the steps below that you might want to check out.

Reset the AirPods Pro

  1. Put the AirPods Pro back in their charging case, close the lid, and leave them there for 30 seconds
  2. Open the lid, put the AirPods Pro into your ears and connect it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod
  3. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and you should see your AirPods Pro listed
  4. Tap on the “i” button and tap “Forget This Device”
  5. Tap it again to confirm
  6. With the lid of the charging case open, press and hold the setup button located on the back of the case for 15 seconds
  7. The status light on the front of the case should flash amber first and then white

Take note that once you’ve reset the AirPods Pro, if you plan to use it again yourself, you’ll have to go through the setup process again. You’ll also lose any changes you’ve made to the settings of the earbuds so you may need to adjust them again. If resetting your AirPods Pro did not seem to resolve the issue, then maybe it could be a hardware problem that you’ll have to go to Apple to try and fix.

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