Some Pixel Watch color options may not be available in some countries


For the most part whenever a company launches a new gadget with color options, they’re generally available in all the markets the device will launch in, but apparently that might not be the case for Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch.

The upcoming Pixel Watch is said to come in three finish options – black, silver, and gold, with the black option sporting a matte-like finish. For those who are hoping to get their hands on the matte black version, you might want to steel yourselves because there is a chance that option might not be available in your country.

This was confirmed in a video by Google Taiwan (see above) in which there is a small footnote in the video where it mentions that the matte black option will not be available in Taiwan. By that, we can only assume that there might be more markets other than Taiwan that might not be getting the matte black option.

It is also entirely possible that this could apply to the gold or silver models, where some markets might get it and some might not. This is purely speculative at this point in time, and it’s a bit hard to understand why some colors might not be available in some markets since it doesn’t really seem like a regulatory or legal issue.

In any case, hopefully Google will be able to clarify this once the Pixel Watch is officially announced at Google’s upcoming event on the 6th of October.

Source: 9to5Google

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