Retail box for Google Pixel Watch leaked


It is more or less a given that come 6th of October, Google will be officially announcing their Pixel Watch. The company teased the device at I/O earlier this year with renders of the wearable, but stopped short of sharing details like specs and features.

Now thanks to a post on Reddit by user xXavi3rx, it looks like they have spotted the retail box for the Pixel Watch over in Target. The box itself does not tell us what kind of specs or features we can expect, but it does mention in the bottom corner that it has the “with Fitbit” branding.

Image credit – u/xXavi3rx @ Reddit

This would seem to confirm that the Pixel Watch will have some sort of integration with Fitbit, which is also owned by Google. As Android Police notes, this would also make the Pixel Watch the first Wear OS smartwatch that can actually sync with the Fitbit app, so it’s something that Google is probably using to try and sell users on the device.

That being said, we have been hearing rumors that the Pixel Watch could actually be powered by older Samsung Exynos hardware which means that in terms of performance, it might not be as powerful as some of the newer wearables in the market. Then again, it is a smartwatch so how powerful do we really need it to be?

Perhaps Google is hoping that the Pixel branding and Fitbit integration will be enough to convince users to hop on board. Either way, we’ll have more details at Google’s event next month so check back with us then for the update.

Source: Android Police

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