Motorola is trouncing Apple and Samsung in the Mexican market


Apple and Samsung are two of the biggest smartphone makers in the world. You would assume that based on that, both companies are dominating essentially every market out there, but as it turns out, there is one market that both these two tech giants aren’t quite conquering just yet, and that is Mexico.

According to a report from Telecompaper, it appears that Motorola is actually the leading smartphone vendor for the Mexican market. Based on the numbers of Q2 2022, Motorola is boasting a market share of nearly a third at 28%, narrowly beating out Samsung who came in second at 26%, and beating Apple by quite a considerable stretch where the Cupertino company only managed 16%.

While Samsung does appear to be close to Motorola, the upside is that the stats would suggest that Samsung’s market share in Mexico is kind of stagnant and did not change from the same period from the previous year, whereas Motorola actually saw an increase of 5%, suggesting that the company is picking up steam.

Motorola used to be one of the major players back in the early Android smartphone days, but the company slowly fell behind, but it looks like things could be changing.

Source: SamMobile

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