Google Maps’ eco-friendly navigation can now be adjusted according to your vehicle type


Typically speaking, navigation apps like Google Maps are designed to help provide users with the best-possible route to their destination, but not too long ago, the company expanded on that feature by introducing eco-friendly routes aimed to help electric vehicles find the most energy-efficient roads.

Google has since updated the feature where users can now specify what kind of vehicle they are driving, such as diesel, gas, hybrid, or electric powertrain, and from that, Google Maps will be able to chart a course for you based on your vehicle type.

This is a pretty cool idea especially since different vehicles use energy differently, so a route more efficient for gas-powered vehicles might not be as efficient for a hybrid or full electric.

According to Google:

“The most fuel-efficient route will vary based on what type of engine you have. For example, diesel engines are usually more efficient at higher speeds than petrol or gas engines, while hybrid and electric vehicles perform better in stop-and-go traffic. That’s why, in the coming weeks, we’ll make it possible for drivers using eco-friendly routing in Europe, the U.S. and Canada to select their engine type — petrol or gas, diesel, hybrid or electric vehicle (EV) — in order to get the best route and most accurate fuel or energy efficiency estimates.”

In addition to this change, Google has also announced that the feature will be rolling out to an additional 40 European countries, so more users should be able to take advantage of these changes.

Source: Google

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