Google to add an additional $20 million to education initiatives


Google will make its next $20 million donation soon as part of its ongoing support of nonprofit groups. The goal is to increase 11 million kids’ access to computer science education nationwide. With this additional pledge, Google will have invested upwards of $240 million in programming courses since it first made a pledge to encourage education in 2004.

The new pledge calls for aiding access to education charities like The Hidden Genius Project, situated in Oakland. The Hidden Genius Projects aims to support black men in developing their leadership and technology skills. Additionally, it includes recent graduates without any background in computer science education. Google frequently gives attention to other grass roots education projects in addition to this one. 

The assistance also extends to some pre established programs. These include the City University of New York’s Computing Integrated Teacher Education project. Here, it is intended to integrate CS instruction into the new instructors’ curricula. The funding also goes to CodePath in both Chicago and Atlanta. CodePath ethos is to empower underrepresented groups as they pursue careers in technology.

Google firmly believes that, regardless of age or region, computer education plays a key role in creating a strong foundation for both individuals and their families. An opportunity to engage in CS education looks to be crucial for such individuals in order to land a job or launch a new firm. Pichai thinks organizations like Google Have a social responsibility to empower everyone from all walks of life to have a chance to engage with technology in a fulfilling and meaningful way.

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