Future Samsung smartphone could look crazy futuristic


We’ve all seen the TV shows and movies where people in the future have pieces of glass as their phone. It looks really cool (we’re not sure about how practical it might be) and it seems that it could be something Samsung might be thinking about developing in the future.

This is according to a recently-discovered patent in which it reveals Samsung’s plans for a phone with a transparent display. Now, like we’ve said, we’re not sure how practical a transparent smartphone will be, but one potential use is that when you’re holding the phone with its back towards you, the transparent display could be used to show information like notifications, a mini display of yourself taken by the rear cameras, and so on.

Right now for the most part, the selfie camera in most phones pale in comparison to the rear mounted cameras, so this could be a good way of letting users use the rear-facing cameras in a more meaningful way.

While the patent does sound a bit outlandish, keep in mind that Samsung does have their own display division that is probably working behind the scenes on all kinds of cool display tech. After all, turn the clock back 10 years ago and who would have thought that foldable phones would become a thing, let alone be as popular as they are today?

In any case, we probably shouldn’t hope to see such a device anytime soon, but we can always dream!

Source: XDA Developers

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