DEAL: Say goodbye to shaky footage with DJI’s OM 5 smartphone gimbal


The problem with smartphone videos is that due to the ergonomics of the phone’s design, it puts the user’s hands too close to the camera which when taking videos, can result in more noticeable shake compared to more traditional cameras, which is why if you’re serious about smartphone videography, this deal for the DJI OM 5 is definitely worth checking out.

For those unfamiliar, gimbals are tools used in photography and videography to help stabilize the camera that results in smoother videos and photos that don’t look like they have motion blur applied to them. The OM 5 has been designed with smartphones in mind and is probably one of the best smartphone gimbals in the market right now.

It has improved over its predecessor by using a magnetic mounting system to make it easier for users to put it on or take it off the gimbal. Its usual asking price is $159, but right now it has been discounted to $129, saving you $30 in the process and making it great value for money.

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