WhatsApp’s Communities feature now live for beta users


Earlier this year in April, WhatsApp announced a new feature that they were planning on launching called Communities. For those unfamiliar, this basically creates a massive group chat of sorts where people with shared interests can join. It also helps users organize their various group chats under categories.

For those who might find this feature useful, then you might also be interested to learn that WhatsApp’s Communities feature is now live for beta users, so if you’re taking part in the beta, you’ll be able to check this feature out for yourself. According to the WhatsApp FAQ, it will be available in select regions, but they do not mention which regions specifically so you may or may not see it available to you.

WhatsApp is probably best known as an instant messenger for people to stay connected to each other, but unlike other messenger platforms like Slack, Discord, or Telegram, its group chat feature wasn’t quite as sophisticated. With the launch of the Communities feature, WhatsApp is now in a better position to compete with other messenger platforms.

There is no mention of when the feature will be coming out of beta and available to non-beta participants, but seeing as the feature is now being tested by beta users, hopefully it won’t be too long before WhatsApp opens it to everyone else.

Source: Mashable

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