Samsung Expert RAW makes its way onto the Galaxy Z Fold 4


The default camera app on most smartphones is usually good enough and smart enough to get the job done for most things. If you’re not that fussed and have no idea how to control a camera manually, the default mode in the camera app is usually sufficient, but these days, we’re seeing more handset manufacturers introduce pro controls.

For those who have bought or who are planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, you might be interested to learn that Samsung has recently updated its Expert RAW app to offer support for the foldable phone.

If you’re unfamiliar, Expert RAW is an app developed by Samsung for their phones and made its debut in the Galaxy S21 series. It’s basically like a pro version of the camera app where it offers users full manual control over the camera, like its aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and so on.

It also offers features like HDR multi-frame capture, a histogram, Lossless JPG format support, and more. For professional photographers or those who prefer having more control over their images, these features are invaluable, so it’s good to see that Samsung has been pretty quick about adding the Galaxy Z Fold 4 to the phones that Expert RAW supports.

Source: XDA Developers

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