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How to Watch the Honor IFA Keynote


For years, Honor was primarily known as the sub-brand of Huawei, but ever since Huawei ran into legal trouble with the US government, Honor was eventually spun out and became its own company. The company has released quite a number of handsets and mobile accessories since, and now it looks like they’re trying to further establish themselves in the market by attending IFA 2022.

While we expect that many companies will have new products to announce at IFA 2022, what makes Honor’s presence at the event so interesting is that this is actually the first time that Honor will be presenting a keynote address at the event, and how they are trying to expand their reach beyond China’s borders and try to capture both the minds and markets of Europe and other regions.

If you’re a fan of Honor, then you might want to mark this date down on your calendar as Honor will be holding their keynote on the 2nd of September at 5PM CEST in Berlin, Germany. If you are unable to attend, not to worry because they will be hosting a livestream of their keynote address via a YouTube livestream in the video above, so just bookmark this page and come back next week if you’d like to see what Honor has in store for the future.

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