Check out how far along Samsung’s cameras have come over the years


Remember when the first mobile phones with cameras were launched? Many of us were impressed by the fact that a camera could be made small enough to fit into a phone, and we weren’t that concerned with quality. There was no such thing as autofocusing, phase detection autofocus, or Portrait mode.

Safe to say that it was only when smartphones were launched that the race for the best mobile phone camera truly began. In a very detailed post on Simple Ghar, they have highlighted how the camera quality of smartphones, such as Samsung, have improved over the years, and when looking at these images side-by-side (see the infographic below, click to expand), it is truly astounding.

Image credit – Simple Ghar

You can see how the first phone camera from Samsung in 2000 took images using what we would probably call a potato camera these days, but over the years, there are huge improvements made to the image such as the color reproduction, resolution, sharpness, clarity, an so on, to the point where you might not be able to distinguish it from a more professional camera like a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Samsung is expected to take things to the next level with the Galaxy S23 Ultra next year where the phone is rumored to launch with a 200MP camera, so it will be interesting to look back again after another 10 years or so to see how far along we’ve come.

Source: Simple Ghar

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