Latest Samsung Internet beta introduces bookmark syncing with Chrome


There are many advantages to using Chrome, such as deep Google integration, but there are also other reasons why users might opt to use a different browser on their phones, especially their default browsers if it means not having to download a separate third-party app.

The good news is that if you’re a Samsung Internet user, the latest beta of the browser has introduced the ability to sync your bookmarks with Google’s Chrome browser. This means that if you use Chrome on your PC and save bookmarks, you’ll be able to view it on your phone via Samsung Internet.

This is actually a pretty awesome feature especially since most people tend to use Chrome when on their PCs. This feature also works both ways, meaning that bookmarks saved in Samsung Internet can also be synced with Chrome on your PC, so regardless of where you save your bookmarks, whether it be on your phone or PC, you’ll be able to access it quickly and easily.

It’s also interesting to see how much closer Samsung and Google are working together. Both companies collaborated on the latest version of Wear OS, and now it looks their partnership is extending further onto mobile. Keep in mind that this is the beta of Samsung Internet so you won’t have access to the feature yet (unless you are taking part in it), but we expect that it should be available soon enough.

Source: SamMobile

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