Descenders Launches on Mobile Devices, Sells Well on Android


A while back, we mentioned that “Descenders,” a downhill freeriding action game from Noodlecake Studios and No More Robots studios, was making its way to mobile gaming platforms this year, following the title’s earlier release on other systems like Nintendo Switch and PC. The game has since been launched and is now available for Android and iOS, with some impressive sales numbers to boot.

With an asking price of $9.99, it seems that the mobile port of the game has been successful, moving as many copies as on its console versions. In an interview with Touch Arcade, No More Robots Company Director Mike Rose had some comments regarding the success of the game on mobile.

“We wanted to go with a higher price on mobile, partially to show that we mean business, partially to show that we’ve made a game that is genuine quality, and partially as a f*** you to the mobile space too. We’ve had a huge amount of backlash to it, especially from Android users, and yet people are still buying it for $10, and it’s selling just as many copies as on the console platforms. So clearly it’s more of a public thing to whine about the price of mobile games, yet there’s still plenty of people who are willing to support mobile games with a higher price.”

He also stated that while there were some issues with the game on Android (what with the multitude of assorted Android devices out there), the studio has been doing work to sort out such issues and optimize the game’s performance.

Source: Touch Arcade

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