Google Play Games beta availability expands to more countries


Last year, Google announced Play Games, an initiative that would bring Android games onto the PC. The company later launched a beta earlier this year that would allow users in select regions to try out the feature, and the good news is that if you’ve been itching to try it out yourself, Google has since announced an expansion of the beta.

With the expansion of the beta, users in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia will now be able to take part in the beta. Also, even better news is that in the latest beta, it appears that Google has lowered the hardware requirements needed in order to try out the feature.

Prior to this, Google required that users had a discrete GPU which we imagine that most people have, but if you’re gaming on a basic work or school laptop, that would mean you would be out of luck, at least until now. The updated requirements will now only require that gamers have an integrated GPU at the very least to enjoy the games.

Google has also managed to lower the amount of storage needed from 20GB down to 10GB, and also its CPU requirements which have dropped from requiring eight cores to four cores, making it a lot more accessible. Google does not mention when Play Games will be officially exiting beta and become available worldwide, but hopefully it won’t be too far off into the future. Gamers who are interested can head on over to the Google Play Games website to download the app onto their PC.

Source: Android Authority

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