Fixing the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2’s displays will cost you a small fortune


The issue with foldable phones is that because the display needs to be able to fold and unfold multiple times throughout its life cycle, manufacturers have to opt to use a slightly different material compared to more traditional phone displays. It also usually means that fixing these displays can get expensive.

A good example would be Xiaomi’s recently announced Mix Fold 2 smartphone, where according to a recently published list that shows the cost of repairing the phone, fixing the Mix Fold 2’s displays could cost quite a fair amount.

According to the list, fixing the internal foldable display is estimated to cost around $721, while the external display will cost around $133. If you’re unfortunate enough to have to fix both, this means that this will end up costing you around $850, the price of a brand new flagship phone.

While the Mix Fold 2 launches with specs, design, and features that make it feel more exciting than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, the repair costs are a little off-putting. The Fold 4, for example, would only cost customers as little as $29 to repair the display if they’re subscribed to Samsung Care+.

In any case, if you do prefer the Mix Fold 2 over the Fold 4, then these repair costs are something you’ll definitely want to consider if you’re thinking about buying the phone.

Source: GizChina

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