Aug 16th, 2022

One of the biggest culprits of battery drain on any smartphone is the display. For example, maxing out the brightness and refresh rate have been known to contribute to worse battery life. The good news is that if you’re a Pixel 6 Pro owner, there is a mod online that will be able to help with that.

Initially discovered by Mishaal Rahman, this mod comes in the form of an updated version of the Kirisakura kernel for the Pixel 6 Pro developed by XDA user Freak07. Basically what it does is that it unlocks the resolution menu that is expected to be a feature of the Pixel 7 series that will allow users to bring down their display resolution to 1080p.

For context, the Pixel 6 features a 1080p display, while the Pixel 6 Pro features a 1440p display. By giving users the option of downscaling their resolution, it could in theory help to save battery life. Of course, 1440p is sharper on paper compared to 1080p, but honestly in day-to-day usage unless you’re peering very intently at your phone’s display, we’re not sure how many people might even notice.

Plus, if there is a chance you could end up squeezing an extra hour or two just by bringing down the resolution, wouldn’t that be better? That being said, there are reports of bugs with the mod, suggesting that it isn’t quite ready yet, but if you’re curious, you can head on over to the XDA forums for details and updates about it.

Source: Android Police

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