Disney+ will be getting a substantial price hike


From what we’ve seen over the years, subscription services like Netflix tend to increase their prices over time. It’s kind of to be expected, especially when these companies invest a lot into their own TV shows and movies. So it’s no surprise that it looks like Disney+ will be undergoing a similar price hike of their own.

The company has confirmed that starting on the 8th of December, 2022, the price of the service will be going up from $7.99 a month to $10.99 a month. This is quite a huge jump and we’re sure that there will be some customers who will not be too happy at this unfortunate news.

Disney will also be launching its cheaper ad-supported tier which will come in at $7.99, essentially replacing the previous tier but now with ads. To be fair, $7.99 is cheaper than what you would find from other subscription services. Netflix is also said to be working on its own ad-supported tier, so if Netflix could price it lower, it might be able to edge out Disney+. According to Kareem Daniel, Chairman, Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution:

“With our new ad-supported Disney+ offering and an expanded lineup of plans across our entire streaming portfolio, we will be providing greater consumer choice at a variety of price points to cater to the diverse needs of our viewers and appeal to an even broader audience.”

Source: The Walt Disney Company

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