Aug 11th, 2022

If you’re one of the many people who saw the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 during the company’s recent Unpacked Event and thought to themselves, “Wow, I want one,” we can’t blame you. Samsung’s newest compact foldable phone is the result of four generations of learning the craft of making foldable smartphones and as such, it comes with some very impressive internals and some nice-looking hardware.

With that said, you might be looking for a case that will keep your phone looking great and in pristine condition, and safe from the little accidents that befall our beloved electronics. Fret not, as we’ve put together a list of cases that we think will do a great job in protecting your new investment, and let you enjoy your phone in all its foldy glory.

Ringke Slim Case

Starting things off with something minimalist, we have the Ringke Slim case for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, which comes in a very thin profile. The case comes in two parts to suit the foldable form factor of the phone, and features a glossy transparent look so you can still view the Z Flip 4’s sweet-looking design, and it’s made from a tough polycarbonate material to make sure your phone doesn’t get scratched or cracked. There’s also a lanyard slot if you’re into that sort of thing.


Spigen Tough Armor Case

Up next we have Spigen’s Tough Armor case for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. The Tough Armor case comes in two layers, with a flexible inner TPU layer that clings tightly on your phone, and an external polycarbonate shield that goes around the TPU layer. This means that you get double the protection for your phone. There’s also a cover for the hinge, to keep it safe from accidental bumps.


Caseology Nano Pop Case

If you want something with a bit more color variety, then Caseology’s Nano Pop case for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 offers a nice alternative to the otherwise “industrial” design approach of other phone cases out there. The Nano Pop case combines a matte silicone finish with a two-tone color design that still gives your phone protection. The case has a two-layer design as well, adding some much-needed padding to the device.


Cyrill Color Brick Case

This next case comes from Cyrill, dubbed the “Color Brick” case. Similar to the first case on this list, the Color Brick comes with an easy-to-install snap-on design, with a cool translucent finish that makes for a nice visual effect on your phone. The case is made from a stiff plastic material, although the edges come with TPU bumpers for a bit of added flexibility and shock absorption on the sides of your phone.


Caseology Parallax Case

Last (but not the least) on here is the Caseology Parallax case. The case incorporates plastic elements into a TPU case with a nice-looking matte texture that helps a lot with grip, and adds significant padding all over your Galaxy Z Flip 4. There’s also a groovy-looking design on the back of the case that feels nice to the touch. More importantly, it’s lightweight and doesn’t add much thickness to your phone.


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