WhatsApp users now have up to 2 days to delete messages from chats


WhatsApp, like most instant messengers, has the ability for users to delete text messages that were sent in error. The timeframe that users had was around a little over an hour, which for the most part should be enough for most users, but the company has announced that they will be extending it.

In a post made on Twitter, WhatsApp has revealed that they are now extending the window to a little over 2 days. That’s actually quite a huge jump from the previous which was a little over an hour, but this also means that users will now have more time and opportunities to unsend messages that they didn’t mean to send or if they changed their minds.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind that this will require that all users have the latest version of WhatsApp installed. WhatsApp doesn’t actually tell users if they are sending messages to an older version of the app, so you will have to hope that most people you’re chatting with have the latest version installed.

Also, since WhatsApp doesn’t actually notify users that their messages have been deleted for everyone, once again, you’ll have to base this on hope and faith that users have the latest version of the app. Seeing as how most app stores have automatic updates, there’s a good chance that this shouldn’t be an issue, but it might still be something worth keeping in mind the next time you want to unsend a text message.

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