Nothing shoots down rumors of a Nothing Phone (1) Lite


It hasn’t been too long since the Nothing Phone (1) was launched. We imagine that the company probably has plans for future smartphone releases, but it appears that the Nothing Phone (1) Lite isn’t one of them.

This is according to a report from PhoneArena in which they are saying that Nothing has denied rumors of the phone’s existence.

For those unfamiliar, there was an earlier report from The Mobile Indian where the publication claimed that the company is working on a cheaper version of the Nothing Phone (1) called the Nothing Phone (1) Lite. Some of the differences include how the glyph LED feature on the back will not be present, and how wireless charging will also be removed from the phone.

That being said, the Nothing Phone (1) is already relatively affordable at its given price point so creating a cheaper model that lacks the unique features of the phone doesn’t really make sense. After all, without the glyph LED feature on the back, the Nothing Phone (1) is just another Android mid-ranger.

A cheaper version lacking those selling points would find themselves up against other brands like Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, and more, who have already established themselves.

Source: PhoneArena

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