Aug 1st, 2022

A lot of flagship phones these days tend to focus more on its looks rather than durability, and we suppose that’s fair, but that doesn’t mean that they should snap like a twig when bent. The good news is that if you were thinking of picking up the Nothing Phone (1), it turns out that the phone is rather resilient.

This is according to a video uploaded by JerryRigEverything, the famous YouTuber who makes a living putting phones through its paces in rather gruesome and heart-wrenching tests. In the video, when it comes to scratches, the phone seems to be quite standard on that front.

Unless you’re carrying around particularly sharp objects in your pockets or bags, there’s a good chance the glass on the front and back should be fine. The sides of the phone are made of aluminum which is quite standard fare and scratches when cut with a knife, but that’s to be expected.

The bend test is where it gets interesting because during the test, the phone held up incredibly well. You can hear the phone creak a bit during the bending process, but it did not break. We mention this because during a similar video for the OnePlus 10 Pro, it actually snapped. Seeing as Nothing was founded by former OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, we imagine he must be feeling a little chuffed by this.

If you have a few minutes to spare and are interested in seeing how the Nothing Phone (1) holds up during JerryRigEverything’s test, then this could be worth checking out.

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