Aug 1st, 2022

Android 13 was announced earlier this year but there wasn’t a firm release date yet, but we are getting close. Last month, Google announced that the current Android 13 would be its last ahead of the public release, and now it seems that the official launch could take place in September.

This is according to a report from Droid-Life who discovered a surprise security release notes for Android 13 on Google’s website. Inside the notes, there are references made to September as well as Android 13 being released on AOSP. All this combined has led to speculation that Google could release the update as soon as next month.

Keep in mind that a September launch isn’t entirely out of the question even if these security notes weren’t discovered. Previous major Android updates have been released around the September and October dates, so for Android 13 to be released in September isn’t an unlikely scenario.

Also, another thing worth mentioning is that even if Google were to officially release Android 13 in September, it will only be available for Pixel phones first. If you own a different brand of smartphone, you’ll have to go through the usual process of waiting for your OEM to push the update out to your handset, and this release will vary from brand to brand, and model to model.

Source: Droid-Life

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