The final Android 13 Beta has been released


Android 13 was officially announced earlier this year and Google has been steadily releasing beta versions of the update to users and developers. The good news is that we’re almost towards the end because Google has since announced the fourth and final beta version of Android 13.

Why are we so excited? The main reason is based on Google’s timeline, the fourth beta is meant to be the final beta test and is also supposed to be the most stable. This means that users can potentially use it as their daily driver if they want, although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it if you don’t have another spare phone lying around in case something goes wrong.

The final update also means that we’re one step away from the public release, which at this point in time is unclear when it will happen, but based on Google’s past releases, it will probably be in the next few weeks. As expected, Pixel devices will get the update first, but hopefully other handset manufacturers won’t take too long to bring the update to their phones.

For those who are interested in checking out the beta, you can head on over to Google’s Android Developer page to see which of your devices are eligible. There are quite a few brands listed on there, so there is a chance your device could be compatible with the beta. There are also instructions on there on how to download and install it on your phone.

Source: Google

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