“Ocean Tour” Headed to Mario Kart Tour


Mario Kart Tour has certainly been one of Nintendo’s more popular mobile games, utilizing the popularity of its parent franchise to reach a wide player base with access to smartphones and tablets. An online title, the game is updated constantly with new content and events – as such, the game’s official Twitter account has teased the upcoming Ocean Tour.

The Ocean Tour will feature the “Daisy Cruiser” course from the Nintendo Gamecube. Additionally, new Mii racing suits will be available to coincide with the start of the new tour. The event officially starts on July 26, and will replace the Piranha Tour.

A while back, data from analytics firm Sensor Tower showed that Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo’s second-best performing mobile game in terms of global lifetime revenue, trailing behind Fire Emblem Heroes. A spin-off of the popular Mario Kart franchise – which before was exclusive to Nintendo’s consoles and handhelds – Mario Kart tour was the series’ first foray into the mobile gaming market.

Earlier this month, a report from Nintendo Life highlighted that datamined information from the game’s latest update points to code that references possible “native emulation,” and added mouse support. Based on this, there is a slight possibility that Nintendo might release a Mario Kart Tour PC Port, as well as the game’s inclusion in the Google Play Games PC program.

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