5 Best Classic Slots Games for Android and iOS


Slot games can be pretty fun. There is a certain thrill about pulling on that lever and not knowing for sure if you will be able to win anything. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that sometimes you can get pretty close to getting all of the same pictures, making you want to play and play again until you win.

Not all of us live near a casino or want to make a trip to the casino just to get our slot game on, but thankfully, the ability to Gamble Online Mobile Casino are pretty common these days so if you’re looking to play some slot games on your phone while commuting to work, here are some great classic slot games that can help you pass the time.

Huuuge Casino Slots (iOS)

If casino-style games are something you find fun, then Huuuge Casino Slots could be an app worth checking out. This is because the app offers gamers a ton of casino games to choose from, with slots being one of them. Given that all the games have different mechanics to choose from, you’ll always be able to find something new and exciting to try.

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game (iOS)

This is a slots game developed by Zynga, which many of you might be familiar with as the company behind popular titles such as Farmville. Hit it Rich! offers gamers a variety of different slot games to choose from, each with a wild and fun theme that we’re sure will appeal to everyone. It also offers huge bonuses and huge jackpots that players can win.

Game of Thrones Slots Casino (iOS)

If you’re a huge fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones series (or the books, whichever you prefer), then how about playing slot games themed around the franchise? The app features art, graphics, and sounds based on Game of Thrones while maintaining the same excitement and thrill that comes from slot games. There are different divisions that you can play under, compete with friends, and also be able to win, collect, and upgrade Game of Thrones character cards.

Jackpot Storm

Jackpot Storm is one of the newer slot games available in the Play Store, but it has everything that you might want or need from such a game. Players will be able to collect free coins every 2 hours, ensuring that they have enough coins to play the game throughout the day. It also offers daily challenges that let players win more coins, various mini-games that you can play if you’re after something a bit different, and also multiplayer tournaments that pit them against other players.

POP! Slots Vegas Casino Games (iOS)

One of the cool features of POP! Slots is that the app has billed itself as being one of MGM’s official partners. The game offers real casino slots tournaments that players can participate in, constant updates that introduce new slot machines, chip bonuses that are given out every two hours, and the ability to play with other players around the world. So if you want a slots game that also has social aspects, POP! Slots could be it.

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