Google backtracks on controversial Play Store permissions change


Not too long ago, Google took a page out of Apple’s playbook by introducing Data Safety to the Play Store. The idea is that apps would have to explain what kind of personal data an app takes from users, and what kind of permissions it would require in order to run. It seemed like a good thing, right?

Then Google followed up with a change, as discovered by’s Mishaal Rahman, where the UI of the Play Store was changed which resulted in the “additional information” section had been redesigned somewhat significantly, resulting in the permissions section being replaced with the Data Safety information.

It turned out users weren’t a fan of this change, so much so that Google has since backtracked on their decision. According to the company’s statement on the matter, Google says:

“Privacy and transparency are core values in the Android community. We heard your feedback that you find the app permissions section in Google Play useful, and we’ve decided to reinstate it. The app permissions section will be back shortly.”

For those unsure why this was a big deal, it was because while companies were required to update their app listings to showcase their app’s permissions, many large companies actually did not follow these rules, resulting in apps from the likes of Facebook and Amazon no longer showing permission information in the Play Store.

In any case, with Google reverting things back to the way it was before, it should be good news for everyone.

Source: Android Police

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