You can now make your phone look like the Nothing Phone (1)


The Nothing Phone (1) has been officially launched, but unfortunately for now, those living in the US will not be able to get their hands on the phone. Whether it will eventually arrive for the US market remains to be seen, but if one of the reasons you’re looking forward to the phone is its design, then you’re in luck.

This is because the folks at Dbrand have announced a new skin for smartphones called “Something”, with the launch page of the skin cheekily mimicking the font of Nothing and with the skin looking more or less exactly like the glyphs on the back of the phone. The best part of this skin is that it will fit with quite a number of popular smartphones, both iPhone and Android, so you can get the look if that’s your kind of thing.

For those who might be thinking that this is essentially intellectual property theft, Dbrand actually put out a statement on its website which reads:

“Some might accuse us of theft. Here’s our counter: we stole nothing. After all, we’ve spent a lot of time looking at internal hardware thanks to our Teardown initiative. As a result, we’re uniquely qualified to rip off an industrial design aesthetic and “creatively reinterpret” it for other devices. That’s not theft – it’s plagiarism, which is definitely not a crime. We checked.”

We’re not sure if Nothing will do something about it, but until they do, if you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these skins, head on over to Dbrand’s website for the details. Also, if you toss in the Nothing Launcher, you would essentially almost get the same experience, maybe even one that’s better if you own a more powerful handset.

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