Some Pixel 6 owners are finding new display issues with their phones


When the Google Pixel 6 was launched last year, some owners of the handset were quick to notice that their displays are experiencing some flickering issues. It seems that this isn’t the only issue with the phone’s display because according to a post on Google’s Support page by a user called “Beau Youin”, it looks like another display issue has popped up. According to the post:

“The screen has developed a black dot that appears to be growing. Phone has not been dropped and has been updated. What is going on? Google support is very frustrating and doesn’t allow me to chat or call anyone. And the drop down menu below doesn’t let me choose the Pixel 6 Pro. WTH.”

This is not an isolated incident because according to posts on other social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter, quite a number of other users are noticing this black dot behind the front-facing camera that appears to be growing in size. It’s hard to tell what could be causing this problem and if we’re looking at a hardware problem or a software problem, but it seems that many believe it is hardware-related.

The good news is that the Pixel 6 is less than a year old which means that it should still be under warranty for pretty much all customers, meaning that those affected shouldn’t have any issue returning it. That being said, there are some who also believe it is software-related, as one user claims that their black dot disappeared following the installation of the March security update.

Either way, it’s not a good look for Google especially since the Pixel 6 was meant to be their flagship phone that uses the company’s first custom-made Tensor chipset, but hopefully there’s a fix soon, or if it’s a hardware issue, hopefully Google is honoring customers who choose to send their phones back.

Source: PhoneArena

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