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The ECOVACS X1 OMNI is a feature-packed robot vacuum that you’ll want to check out on Prime Day


Robot vacuum cleaners from back in the day felt more like a novelty rather than being truly useful household gadgets. They were functional, but as the tech was still relatively new, it felt like it was lacking a certain something.

These days, robot vacuum cleaners like the ECOVACS X1 OMNI are a great example of how far things have advanced, but of course, with all things advanced, it does come with a price. The good news is that with Amazon Prime Day coming up soon, you won’t need to compromise on features and functionality as you will be able to snag the ECOVACS X1 OMNI at a great price.

If you’re learning about the X1 OMNI for the first time, then not to worry as we’ll run you through some of the features of the robot vacuum below to help you make a decision.

Self-emptying, self-cleaning features

A lot of regular vacuum cleaners require you to actually empty the dust bag manually. Depending on how often you vacuum your house, this could be a frequent occurrence, but one of the features of the X1 OMNI is that it can empty its own dust bag. The dust bag itself can hold up to 3L of dirt and debris, so unless your home is particularly dirty, it should be more than sufficient to clean your entire home and then some.

ECOVACS claims that the base station actually features 21kPa of suction power, meaning that the dust bag can be quickly emptied in as little as 10 seconds whenever the X1 OMNI makes its way back.

It also features a mopping feature, but most of the time the mop component needs to be taken off and washed manually. If you find this to be a chore, the X1 OMNI is capable of washing its own mop when it’s done, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself.

Now that the mop has been cleaned, letting a damp piece of cloth sit out there is the perfect recipe to grow mold. This is why one of the cool features of the X1 OMNI is that it comes with a hot air drying feature. This heats up the bottom of the base station that will help quickly dry the mopping pad so that it’s clean and dry and ready for the next round of cleaning.

Smart navigation using advanced technology

Now, one of the hallmarks of a good robot vacuum isn’t necessarily about how well it cleans (obviously that’s important too), but how well it can detect and work around objects and obstacles. After all, what good is a robot vacuum that cleans well but if you need to go and get it unstuck after a few minutes just because it ran over your slippers or tangled itself up in a wire, right?

With the X1 OMNI, ECOVACS has equipped it with AIVI 3D, an obstacle avoidance and video manager. Combined with TruDetect 3D 2.0, its AI computing power has been increased 16-fold and is smart enough to identify a variety of objects in front of it. It can recognize household objects like cables, shoes, the chair and table legs and a whole lot more.

It also uses LDS navigation, the X1 OMNI has been equipped with a dToF navigation system. This is where a light pulse is emitted from the robot vacuum and depending on how long it takes for the light to be reflected back, it can help the robot determine its path and objects in its way.

By using dToF navigation, ECOVACS claims that detection distance has been increased by 50% and smaller objects are also recognized 4 times better.

It can even create 3D maps of your home with more details, meaning that the robot is able to automatically recognize which room it is in and will be able to navigate itself accordingly.

Users can create up to 3 floor maps and the robot will be able to know which floor it is on and which of the maps to load. By creating detailed 3D maps of your home and rooms, users can also customize how the robot functions in each of them, like how some rooms might require deeper cleaning with higher suction and water flow, while others might only need light cleaning.

Rigorous cleaning and scrubbing

Not all robot vacuums are made the same, and if you own one and find that it doesn’t do as good a job vacuuming your floors, one of the key features of the X1 OMNI is that it is capable of 5,000Pa of suction power, ensuring that pretty much all dust, dirt, and debris on your floor can be sucked up easily.

Mopping is a common feature we’re seeing in modern day robot vacuums, but for some, it’s just dragging a wet cloth across the floor.

While we suppose that’s still better than not mopping, it’s not quite the same if you were to do it manually. This is why one of the unique features of the X1 OMNI are its rotating dual mops. It can spin up to 180RPM and have up to 6N of downward pressure, meaning that it should be able to give your floors a nice good scrub while it mops.

Stay in control

For those who are curious and want to see what the robot sees while it cleans, the X1 OMNI comes equipped with a video camera. This built-in live video function lets you check on the robot while it cleans, so that if it runs into issues, you can see what’s causing it to get stuck. You could also use it to keep an eye on your pets while you’re away.

The X1 OMNI also comes with support for voice control. It will work with commonly available voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. This will let users control the robot to a certain extent and will cover basic functions like starting, pausing, returning it to its base station, and so on.

But ECOVACS has gone one step further by creating its own YIKO digital voice assistant. By using YIKO, users will have full control over the entire robot. It will cover the basic cleaning functions, of course, but there will also be voice controls for features like cleaning the mopping pads, cleaning the station, drying the mop, inquire about suction power, water levels, battery percentage, and more.

Users can even go one step further by asking the X1 OMNI to clean specific areas. We’re not talking about specific rooms, but specific areas of a room, like under the bed, and so on.

Score BIG on Prime Day

If you’re sold on the ECOVACS X1 OMNI, the robot vacuum cleaner is priced at $1,550. If you’re balking at that price, know that you’re actually getting a ton of awesome features all bundled into one, but don’t worry, ECOVACS has you covered.

As part of Amazon’s upcoming Prime Day, the company will be offering a fantastic deal where you will nab the ECOVACS X1 OMNI at a great price. This means that instead of paying the full asking price, you’ll only have to pay $ which is a great value for money for all the awesome features that you’ll be getting, so what are you waiting for?

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