Jul 8th, 2022

Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal was originally launched on the 2nd of June, but this was for select regions around the world, and Southeast Asia was not one of them. Instead, the launch of the game was delayed to the 8th of July, and if you happen to be living in Southeast Asia, you might be pleased to learn that Diablo Immortal is now live for you.

The game will be available on iOS, Android, and PC for those living in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand, but for those living in Vietnam, it seems that the game will only be available on the PC for now. We’re not sure why that is the case and there is no mention of mobile availability, so gamers in Vietnam will have to contend with the PC version for now.

That being said, we are curious as to who might still be playing the game after all the backlash Blizzard has received over the countless microtransactions littered throughout the game. Not to mention the various in-game currencies used to purchase and unlock different items makes it even more confusing.

We have to say though that despite the game being just filled to the brim with microtransactions, the gameplay is fun and the graphics are solid and it feels very much like a normal Diablo game, except with the upside of it being playable on mobile. If you’re not keen on Diablo Immortal and its microtransactional nature, here are some alternatives worth checking out.

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