Charge your EV at home with Autel’s Maxi US AC W10-N14-H


One of the upsides to electric cars is that when you’re parked at home, you can keep its battery topped off. This is unlike regular gas-powered cars where you’ll need to drive to a gas station to refuel it.

But the problem with charging at home is that generally speaking, the power output from a regular Level 1 charger isn’t that powerful and can result in a slower charge. This is fine if you have the time to spare or leave it charging overnight, but what if you need to quickly juice up your car?

Thankfully, it’s not that hard to outfit your home with an electric car charger, which is why Autel’s Maxi US AC W10-N14-H could be worth checking out.

High-Speed Charging

Like we said, using a regular Level 1 charger is fine if you have the time to slowly charge your electric car overnight, but if you need to quickly juice it up for a long drive and you don’t have the time to spare, then high-speed charging is one of the perks offered by Autel’s Maxi charger.

According to the company, its Maxi charger is a level 2 smart charger with support for 240V-40A. This means that compared to a level 1 charger, you can charge your electric car up to seven times faster. It will also be capable of supporting EVs that use the J1772 charging port, and with a power output range between 6-40A, it will be able to support a wide variety of charging scenarios and needs.

The Maxi charger also comes with LED indicators that let users know of the different charging statuses when their cars are plugged in, and there are also real-time notifications like its charging status. You can even remotely start or stop charging, check on its battery, and more using its accompanying app or by using RFID, giving you options on how you want to control it.

Weather Resistance

We imagine that many of us park our cars either outdoors under a porch or in a garage. This means that if you have an electric car charger, it will be exposed to the elements, whether it be rain or shine, snow, dust, and so on. This can eventually lead to damage of the charger, but Autel has ensured that won’t be the case here.

The company says that the Maxi charger has a protection level of NEMA 4 and also has certification by CSA testing labs to ensure that it keeps working even in the elements. The company has also built-in heat dissipation features that are designed to help it run cooler. Autel says that at max load, it will still be able to run at 10C lower than the industry average.

Ultimately, this will result in an electric charger for the home that will last you a good 10 years, which is quite a long time.

Easy installation

Now, you might think that setting up an electric car charger would be very complicated and you will need to call someone over to get it done, but one of the selling points of the Autel Maxi charger is that it is very easy to install thanks to its modular design. It can even be done in as little as eight minutes, but of course, this could take longer depending on other factors, but basically, it’s easy enough to get it up and running quickly.

It is also designed to be highly convenient where you can update its firmware remotely via OTA updates, meaning that you don’t need to wait for someone to come over and install it for you, or hook it up to a laptop just to install the update.

Intelligent energy management

Now, what good is an electric car if you’re trying to save money on gas when charging it at home ends up netting you an even bigger electricity bill, right? To help make the charger smarter at utilizing energy, Autel has baked in some intelligent energy management features into the Maxi charger.

This includes features like dynamic load management and adaptive load management to help users better control their household energy usage. This can help prevent issues like overcurrent trips and also potentially help you reduce your electricity bills at the same time.


If you’re looking for an electric car charger that’s simple to setup, offers faster charging, and can also help you potentially create your own business, then the Autel Maxi US AC W10-N14-H could be a good place to start. Priced at $559, it’s actually relatively affordable for the convenience and features that it can provide to electric car owners, but they’re currently offering a $111 discount, bringing the final price down to $448!

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About Autel

Autel is a company that some of you might be familiar with when it comes to consumer-grade drones, but apart from drones, the company also specializes in automotive-related products and accessories, such as vehicle diagnostic tools. They also create sensors for specialized vehicle use, like radars that can help larger vehicles make turns easily. So it is really not surprising that the company is expanding its product range to cover electric vehicles as well.

With the company’s slogan being “Green Energy Powers the Future”, the company is aiming to create products for electric vehicles that are not only green to use, but are safe and reliable, while making it value for money.

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