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Save $100 on Samsung’s Jet Bot Robot Vacuum


Father’s Day is around the corner and if your dad loves hi-tech gadgets, or maybe you love hi-tech gadgets, then check out this deal for Samsung’s Jet Bot Robot Vacuum. The robot vacuum cleaner is priced starting at $600, but right now Samsung is running a sale that will discount the robot by $100.

This means for just $500, you’ll be able to get your hands on a robot vacuum cleaner that will be able to clean your home for you even when you’re out. It features intelligent power control which means that if your home has a mix of hard and soft surfaces, like hardwood floors or carpets, the robot will be smart enough to adjust its suction power accordingly.

It’s a great deal and in addition to saving yourself $100, Samsung is throwing in a $50 Samsung credit that you can use towards buying additional accessories like phone cases, covers, earbuds, and more. This deal will be good until the 29th of June, so you have about two weeks to decide.

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