Nothing Phone (1)’s launch date could be revealed this week


Back in March, Nothing officially confirmed that they were working on a new phone called the Nothing Phone (1). This would be the first phone from the company, although it would also be their second product, the first being the Nothing Ear 1 that made its debut back in 2021.

The company did not reveal when the phone would be launched or any other information about it, but we might know more this week. This is according to a recent tweet by the Nothing Twitter account that simply says, “This week”. Since we don’t know anything else that the company could be working on, we can only assume that they are hinting at the Nothing Phone (1)’s launch date.

What’s interesting is that last month, there were rumors suggesting that the phone might actually launch in July, so this upcoming announcement could confirm those dates. Some of the rumors of the phone that we’ve heard so far include how it might be powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset and that it could be priced at 500 Euros.

This means that Nothing is launching its first phone as a mid-ranged handset as opposed to a high-end flagship. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you consider that Nothing’s founder was the co-founder of OnePlus, which started off selling affordable handsets before making higher-end devices.

Either way, we should have more details this week so check back with us in the coming days for more information.

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