Google Assistant is about to lose a very useful function


People who routinely use Google Assistant to set reminders for themselves have got some bad news from Google. Location-based reminders and the option to assign reminders to a specific user are being removed from the voice assistant.

Google quietly announced the news in a little statement on the Google Assistant Help page that was easy to miss (opens in new tab). The option to “make reminders for a specific place” will be phased out soon, according to Google.

At 2018, location-based reminders were introduced as a means to keep track of what you’re doing when you’re in a given location. You can, for example, ask Assistant to remind you to buy milk at your local supermarket on some of the. The voice assistant will send you an alert to your phone once you’ve arrived at the nearest store.

You could still ask Google Assistant to create reminders at a specific time, even though this handy function is being phased out. For receiving reminders, it’s one of Assistant’s more useful functions. You can also establish routines about when you arrive at a specified location, albeit this is a less convenient option than location-based reminders.

It’s unknown when these services will shuts down for everyone. The shift, according to 9to5Google, is in preparation for the upcoming deployment of a new Assistant tool called “Memory,” which was first noticed early last year and would allow you to remember on-screen material, reminders, and other things inside one place.

Google hasn’t said when Memory will be available, but it’s likely some of Assistant’s reminders capabilities will be removed to make room for the new feature.

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