Jun 1st, 2022

If you want to move from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge, there are tools and ways to export your data from Chrome and import it to Edge. The problem is that this works under the assumption that you are leaving Chrome for good because if you continue to use Chrome, things like autofill, passwords, bookmarks, and so on will need to be exported again.

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft is actually working on an update to Edge that will make syncing up data between Edge and Chrome a lot easier and also automatic. The new features will be able to detect tabs that were previously (and recently) opened in Chrome and open those tabs again in Edge when you launch the browser.

There will also be a new feature for settings where changes made to your Chrome settings will also be changed in Edge, assuming that Edge also has a similar setting. This means that if you happen to switch back and forth between Chrome and Edge, for whatever reason, then this new feature will make it a lot more seamless.

Unfortunately it appears to be a one-way street because what happens or changes in Edge won’t be applied to Chrome, so it’s more for users who primarily use Edge and occasionally use Chrome and want to ensure that their settings and tabs are synced. There’s no word on when this change is expected to take place, but it might be something to look forward to in the future.

Source: Windows Latest

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