Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 might ditch the rotating bezel


One of the unique features of Samsung’s smartwatches is that they come with a rotating bezel that makes it easier for users to do certain tasks. This is versus the implementation found in other smartwatches that either rely purely on the touchscreen, or a rotating crown which might be small and awkward to reach.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is a chance Samsung could end up ditching the rotating bezel. This is according to a tweet by leakster Ice Universe who has hinted that for the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung may no longer include the feature.

Ice Universe’s tweet was made in response to another Twitter user who said that they are hoping Samsung will be keeping the rotating bezel design, to which the leakster responded by saying that users might be disappointed. We’re not sure how accurate these claims are to begin with, so maybe don’t get too upset just yet.

According to the rumors of the Galaxy Watch 5 so far, more recently we have heard how the smartwatch could end up using premium materials where it could end up sporting a sapphire display and a titanium body. We’re not sure if that will be the default materials for all models or if this will be one of the options.

Samsung hasn’t officially announced the Galaxy Watch 5 yet, but we can only assume that if and when they do, it will most likely be alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 some time around August.

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