Someone just listed a Google Pixel 7 prototype on eBay


So we know that the Google Pixel 7 series is in the works, thanks to Google’s teaser during I/O 2022 this month in which the design of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro were revealed. We also imagine that like how most products are developed, there are bound to be some prototypes lying around.

Interestingly enough, thanks to a post on Reddit which was shared by Mishaal Rahman, someone actually listed a Pixel 7 prototype over on eBay. According to the eBay page, it has since been taken down, but not before photos of the device were saved and uploaded onto Twitter.

To be fair, there’s really nothing new that we haven’t seen thanks to Google’s teasers. As Rahman points out, it appears that these prototypes were actually photographed by the Pixel 7 Pro, which presumably is another prototype although it wasn’t listed. The listing on eBay did reveal some specs such as its 128GB of storage, suggesting that 128GB could be one of the storage options Google could offer with the phone.

The photos also confirm that similar to the Pixel 6a, the Pixel 7 series will be ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack. Google hasn’t confirmed when the Pixel 7 will be launched, but seeing as the Pixel 6 was announced in October 2021, we can only assume its successor will be announced roughly the same time later this year.

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