A Pro version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 could be in the works


Last week, Xiaomi announced its latest fitness tracker, the Mi Band 7. This is the latest in Xiaomi’s Mi Band series of fitness trackers and for the most part, apart from the larger display, it is quite a basic tracker. This is fine especially when you consider the fact that the device only costs around $37.

But what if you wanted more advanced features? The good news is that according to posts on Weibo, it seems that Xiaomi could actually be developing a Pro version of the Mi Band 7. The rumors are claiming that the Pro model could be announced alongside the company’s upcoming Xiaomi 12 Ultra smartphone which is expected to be revealed this July.

The rumors are also suggesting that some potential features of the Pro model include built-in GPS functionality, which will be useful for hikers or people who love running outdoors, and also a potentially larger battery and an even larger display. We’re not sure how much more the Pro version could cost, but hopefully Xiaomi will maintain an affordable price.

One of the appeals of the Mi Band series is that it is so cheap that it’s hard to complain about its features. While it might not be fancy or powerful in terms of features or hardware, it has enough basic functions to get the job done for people who are looking for a cheap and affordable way of tracking their workouts.

Source: Notebookcheck

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