Beware this WhatsApp scam that could compromise your account


Scams and hacks aren’t new, and as long as there is something to gain, hackers will never stop trying to break into your device or accounts. If you’re a WhatsApp user, then you might want to keep an eye and ear open for a new scam that could potentially result in your account being compromised.

This is according to Rahul Sasi, the founder and CEO of CloudSEK which is a contextual AI company that helps to predict these types of cybersecurity threats. According to Sasi, this scam involves the attacker calling their target and convincing them to dial a specific number. Unfortunately, when the victim does, they will end up being logged out of their WhatsApp account and giving the hacker control.

“Once the hacker gets access to the account, they request the victim’s contacts for money. In this manner, the attacker defrauds the victim’s WhatsApp contacts even before the victim realizes that they have lost control of their account. Since service providers across the globe use numbers that begin with ’67’ or ‘405’, victims are wont to place the call without hesitation.”

As to why anyone might want to take over a WhatsApp account, there could be many reasons. There is some financial gain as WhatsApp does support P2P payments. It could also be used to takeover business accounts and request for money from unsuspecting customers.

Either way, it’s something that WhatsApp users should probably be best aware of and if you ever get such a request, just hang up. Alternatively, you can also enable 2FA for that extra layer of security.

Source: 91mobiles

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