Check out this GoPro HERO10 Black bundle deal on Amazon right now and save some money


If you want a small and relatively discreet digital camera that you can bring with you on your travels, it’s hard to beat GoPro. The company is well-known for their small and compact action cameras that can be attached to a variety of things or even worn as a harness, making it the perfect walking-around camera.

Now, it looks like GoPro is running a deal over on Amazon because the company is offering the GoPro HERO10 Black together with a spare extra battery (you’ll have two batteries in total) and a dual battery charger for just $400. This is the same price as the regular HERO10 Black without the added accessories, so this is actually quite a steal!

If you plan to use the GoPro when you’re out and about all day, the battery can drain pretty quickly so it’s always good to have a spare, and with the dual charger, you get to charge both batteries at once, saving you time in the process, so what are you waiting for?

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