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Love it or hate it (although we can’t see how), Star Wars is undoubtedly one of the biggest film and media franchises around. It’s stood the test of time, and a multitude of movies, books, TV series, and video games have made sure that the brand, its story, and characters are always within reach of fans and enthusiasts.

With that said, there’s a wealth of videogames associated with the brand on different consoles and platforms, mobile phones included. If you’re in the mood for a bit of intergalactic action in the palm of your hand, then here are a few games to scratch that itch! Let’s get started.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Starting off the list is a title that’s regarded as one of the best Star Wars games – actually, one of the best role-playing games in general – to ever grace videogame history. Officially launched for PCs and the Xbox, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic was the first of its kind to truly provide an immersive and story-driven gaming experience for countless Star Wars fans and gamers.

It has in-depth character customization, tried-and-tested turn-based combat, classic RPG-style exploration, and a story that builds upon the already-massive universe introduced by George Lucas those many years ago.

Check out the game here.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

The LEGO Star Wars franchise has spawned a countless number of games, toys, and merchandise, and the release of the Skywalker Saga has only solidified its strength even more. While SS isn’t unfortunately available for mobile platforms, players can still get their LEGO Star Wars fix with the Complete Saga.

While it isn’t so “complete” now (as it lacks the sequel trilogy), it’s nevertheless a solid LEGO Star Wars adventure, featuring a lot of the same mechanics, characters, and locations in the newer LEGO title. The controls have been adapted for touchscreens, and they do control nicely.

We’d recommend checking if your device is fully compatible with the game however, as there have been reports of performance issues with certain devices. On its own though, it remains a solid gaming experience.

Check out the game here.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

No Star Wars video game list would be complete without the KOTOR games – as such, we only felt that it wouldn’t be proper to exclude the sequel to the first Knights of the Old Republic game. KOTOR II builds on the first game as a direct sequel, meaning that there’s a significant story connection between the two games. It also features the same gameplay and graphics, albeit with some improvements.

If you loved everything about the first KOTOR title – gameplay, world-building, character customization, combat, and more – then Knights of the Old Republic II is definitely a must-have.

Check out the game here.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Let’s face it – as far as movie trilogies go, the new Star Wars sequels have certainly been a divisive topic among die-hard franchise fans, but that hasn’t stopped LEGO from adapting the films into brick-sized action-adventure affairs. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens follows the story from the first films, albeit modified to fit a longer video game runtime.

It features improved graphics compared to The Complete Saga, and there are a ton of collectibles and missions to do in this installment of the franchise’s brickified version. There is optional DLC, but this doesn’t affect the main game if you choose not to purchase it.

Check out the game here.

Star Wars Pinball

If you’re after a more casual game but with a Star Wars theme to it, then Star Wars Pinball 7 might be right up your alley. Simply put, it’s a pinball game, albeit designed with a Star Wars theme, from tables, animations, cameos, and references to the films. There’s no denying that pinball is an easily accessible and entertaining time-sink for anyone of any age, and a bit of added intergalactic charm never hurt anybody – we actually get major “Space Cadet Pinball” vibes from this one.

The game features tables based on the many scenes from the movies, and if you’d rather swing pins than lightsabers, then we recommend checking out this game.

Check out the game here.

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