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How to download Disney+ TV shows and movies for offline viewing


If there is one thing that streaming services rely on, it would be an internet connection, because if there’s no internet, how would the app be able to reach the servers to stream content?

Ideally we would be connected all the time, but there are moments when we are not. Maybe we’re on a plane and don’t want to pay for in-flight WiFi, or we’re traveling to locations where the coverage is a bit spotty.

If you’re subscribed to Disney+, then like most streaming services, you have the option of being able to download TV shows and movies for offline viewing, and here’s what you need to do to get started.

Choose your download quality

  1. Launch the Disney+ app on your phone
  2. Tap your account icon at the bottom right corner
  3. Tap on App Settings
  4. Tap on Download Quality and choose between High, Medium, and Standard. Depending on your choice, how long it takes to download the show will be affected, along with how much space it takes up on your device, so choose carefully.

Download Disney+ shows for offline viewing

  1. In the Disney+ app, navigate over to the TV show or movie that you want to download
  2. You should see a download icon next to the “Play” and “+” button, tap on that
  3. Depending on your chosen quality, it might take a few minutes to complete the download
  4. To view all the shows that you have downloaded, tap the download icon at the navigation bar at the bottom. This is the place where all your downloaded shows are located so you can easily access them whenever you want
  5. Tap on the show you want to watch and you will be presented with two options – Play or Remove Download. If you’re done watching and want to remove it, select the latter option, if not tap Play to begin watching

We should point out the obvious and that is you will need a subscription to Disney+ to download shows to watch offline. Also, your downloads will only be accessible while you maintain your subscription. It is also possible that over time, some of your downloaded shows may go missing.

This could be due to licensing issues where the license might have expired which is why the show is removed, so even though you downloaded it, you’ll have to wait for the show to be reinstated before you can watch it again.

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