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How to access and watch Star on Disney Plus


Disney Plus (Disney+) is a popular streaming service but is known for keeping its content family-friendly. It is something adults were not usually a fan of and found it lacking in comparison to rivals like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This is the reason it introduced an adult-focused section called Star to the service in early 2021.

Star on Disney Plus provides users with access to content meant for a mature audience. It also has content that may not exactly be adults-only but may not be completely kids-appropriate either. It offers titles like Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Prison Break, Family Guy, Ugly Betty, and Scrubs. The exact availability varies from region to region.

It is important to note that Disney+ Hotstar is a different streaming service from Disney and is available only in India. The two names may suggest they are the same thing but they are not.

How to access and watch Star on Disney Plus:

The first step to accessing Star on Disney+ is to set parental controls. This is to ensure that kids in your family do not end up watching anything that is not meant for them. The streaming service should automatically show you a message to set up parental controls.

You will need to choose the option Full Catalog to access Star. This will change the age rating for that particular profile to 18+. If in any case, you do not want to do that right now, you will need to click the Not Now option. This will then keep the age rating 14+ which means you will have access to only Disney+ content.

If you want parental controls for multiple profiles, you will need to do so by visiting the Edit Profile section for each one of them. Choose Content Rating from the profile settings and switch that to TV-MA for complete access to Star.

Just below the content rating setting, there is an option for setting profile PIN. You can use this to set a 4-digit PIN for your profile so that no other can access it. This is specifically beneficial for keeping kids away from your adult age-rated profile.

Once you do all this successfully, you should have access to Star on Disney+. It will also show relevant content suggestions on the home screen of your profile. It is important to note that Star is only available in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, and Singapore for now.

It means you cannot access Star in the United States as of now. Disney has not said anything about releasing it either. If you are interested in accessing it, using a VPN service is the only way to do so.

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