Your Phone Might be Able to Emulate Switch Games Soon


One of the biggest joys of having an Android phone is the ability to tinker with system settings, apps, files, and of course – games. Throughout the years, Android has been utilized by enthusiasts to emulate games both old and new. SNES, Sega Saturn, PS2, and more – you name it, and there’s probably an emulator available for Android.

More recently, there’s been new information about a working Nintendo Switch emulator for Android. Named “Skyline,” the emulator is a current work in progress and is exclusive to Android devices. The emulator uses elements from Ryujinx and yuzu, both of which are also Nintendo Switch emulator projects.

At the moment, Skyline can only run a handful of games, and not all compatible games are thoroughly playable. However, games like Super Mario Odyssey and Celeste were able to run on the emulator, and the app is able to support multiple controllers, which is rather impressive.

As for the app itself, it is lacking in more in-depth features, but pretty much all of the basics are present, such as control layout settings, language selection, username settings, as well as performance statistics. If you’re going to use the emulator though, it is important that you have your production keys and title keys along with your games, which you can obtain by dumping your keys with Lockpick RCM on your Switch console.

This is certainly an exciting prospect, and given how powerful modern Android handsets are, it’s interesting to see how the app will improve over time.

Source: XDA Developers

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