Google is making it easier for you to find cheap flight tickets


One of Google’s services is Google Flights, where users can search for flight tickets. The current feature set allows users to track the prices of tickets for specific dates, meaning that you need to know roughly when you plan to travel, but Google is expanding on that by letting users track any date they want.

This means that if your travel style is the free and easy type and you can travel at the drop of a hat, then selecting this “any dates” feature might come in handy. According to Google:

“But maybe there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and you just want the best deal possible (dream trip to Rome, anyone?). Beginning today, you can start tracking prices to find deals for any dates, and you’ll get an email if we detect lower than typical fares in the next 3-6 months. As they say, good things come to those who wait!”

Google notes that they will let users know upcoming prices based in the next 3-6 months, so while it is a bit more free and easy, there will still be time for you to apply for leave and make arrangements for hotels and visas and whatnot, especially if you are planning to travel with others whose time might not be quite as flexible as yours.

In addition, Google has also announced changes to the Explore tool to help users discover places that they can drive to in a few hours, so if you don’t want to fly, this could be useful. Google will also be improving on hotel searches where users can sort and filter accommodations based on your preferences for shopping, dining, or sightseeing.

Source: Google

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